Install Thinglink – ThingLink


NOTE: This works only with self hosted Word Press blogs.  Add images and then create tags on

Install Thinglink – ThingLink.

5. Go to your blog, hover over any image and start tagging your images by clicking the Edit tags icon. Make sure you are logged into Thinglink in order to tag images. When publishing new posts, you can also tag your images in the WordPress Preview mode. Tagging from inside the WordPress editor is not possible.


My tags open partly outside images and get cut by site layout

You can force tags to open inside of your images, however in WordPress it is a bit more tricky:

1. Go to your WordPress admin page (usually

2. Select Plugins and find “Thinglink Official Plugin” from the list of installed plugins

3. Click Edit next to it

4. You should see the contents of thinglink/rjw-thinglink.php. Find the following lines of code

__tlid = '{$thinglink_id}';
setTimeout(function ...

5. After __tlid = '{$thinglink_id}'; add the following line:

__tlconfig = {vOverflow: false, hOverflow: false};
To allow tag bubbles to open on the sides of the image, set hOverflow:true , and to allow them to open above the image, set vOverflow:true .

6. Click Update File. Now you should have your tags opening inside the images!


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