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Top Free Media Converters for Windows

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As technology progresses, numerous different types of media, and thus new file formats, emerge. This can pose a problem, though.

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7 things you can always do in my class with your device – Home – Doug Johnsons Blue Skunk Blog

Dear Students,If you have finished the required work for my class, you may always use your smartphone, tablet, netbook or laptop to:Read a book, magazine or blog post of personal and school appropriate interest.Work on an assignment for another class.Play a pre-approved game that builds skills related to the class. If you find a game that you feel contributes to your learning, tell me about it and why you think it should go on the approved list.Have a serious discussion with a classmate about a topic in the course using an approved discussion tool.Listen to an educational podcast or view an educational video. TED talks and Khan Academy videos are always OK. Remember to use your headphones.Organize your life by reviewing/updating your calendar, to-do list, or address book.Write in your personal journal.If you have another activity that you think I should consider appropriate, please convince me of its value. Ill listen.Sincerely,Mr. JohnsonI have heard more than one teacher tell me that classroom management has become easier, not harder, when kids are allowed to use their phones and other networked devices in class. Bored too often means disruptive.Its not the tool; its how we use it.

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How Do You Know When Youre Overdosing On Social Networks?

Symptom #1: You Go Online For Productive Reasons, But Find Yourself On Social Networks Instead

Symptom #2: You Use Your Smartphone For More Social Things Than Smart Things

Symptom #3: A Constant Craving To Check Them, Despite Knowing There Are Zero Notifications

Symptom #4: You Have More Services Connected Together Than You Can Count

Symptom #5: You’re On Them First Thing Every Morning And Right Before Bed Every Night

Symptom #6: You’re More Social Online WHILE With Friends, Than With The Friends Themselves

There’s a reason that we’ve covered the dangers of smartphones multiple times here at MakeUseOf: 

Symptom #7: You Share Everything

Symptom #8: You Check-In To Your House

NOTE: Some of these may coincidentally match up with the symptoms above, but that doesn’t mean it was intentional.

If I’m referring to a specific symptom, I’ll tell you.

How Do You Know When Youre Overdosing On Social Networks?.

infuselearning | Empowering The BYOD REVOLUTION

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Join the paradigm shift in pedagogy through the seamless combination of classroom technology and quality teaching. Make informed decisions at the point of instruction with real-time, student feedback.

Anica Petkoska‘s insight:

Seems similar to Socrative and Poll Everywhere, though I have to try it with the students.

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Use Skype to join explorer Mark Wood on his Everest adventure

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In March 2013 I will be leading an expedition through the Nepalese side of the Himalayas in an attempt to summit Mount Everest. I am looking for ten schools from ten different countries to connect …

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Connect with international students, while Mark Wood is on his Everest adventure

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